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Client Microsites.

If you're unsure of what a Client
Microsite is - you're in the right place!


In a nutshell, a microsite allows you to create your own careers websites which are hosted via your website.

This enables you to showcase your key client's employer brands and your key recruitment campaigns digitally. In layman's terms - you can have pages on your website which sell your clients & their jobs to prospective candidates who're browsing your website.


Why offer a
Client Microsite?


Offer a tangible service.

Client microsites are a great way to add a tangible service as an offering to your clients; not only can you actively go to market – you can host a microsite which sells in all features & benefits of working for them to passive & active candidates... and is available 24 hours a day.

Recruiters need to be working not only as a recruitment consultant but as a marketer, in this digital age it is imperative recruitment keeps up-to speed with digital marketing and a microsite allows you to do so. Productising your services in this way gives you a tangible asset which allows you to increase fees, become a digital media agency and in some cases do less work! Win, win.

Gain exclusivity with the client.

Furthermore, being able to add client microsites as a service means you're in a much stronger position go gain exclusivity.

Walking into a meeting with a prospective client with the ability to show them the services you can offer and how much ROI you can provide is putting you in a much stronger position to not only win a job, but win a retained client.

Ultimately, gaining exclusivity with a client takes so many of the aches and pains out of recruitment – you know you have a steady flow of jobs to fill, you get to know what the client needs, you don't have the struggle of trying to find new business at the start of each month to keep on top of your dreaded KPI. In a saturated market, gaining exclusivity isn't always the easiest task to achieve however, having microsites gives you something to offer that client in return... you can replace their need for a careers website.


Keep your candidates engaged.

Not only are you going to gain more exclusivity from clients, but from candidates too. Client microsites keep candidates engaged on your own platform rather them directing them to external sources.

You're giving your candidates the opportunity to view insights of potential employers all from one website – kind of like a comparison website, you're much more likely to choose one of the options put in front of you than taking the time to look elsewhere. Having candidates that are willing to work exclusively with you is hugely beneficial as they're more readily available – you're not trying to tie them down to dates & time slots because they're not going to an interview another recruiter has sent them too. You get to know the candidate, what they want, their background, how reliable they are & which one of your retained clients would like to interview them!



You can do anything that a careers page would do however, it takes the cost away from the client of having a careers website & drives candidates to your website to find out key info & insights of potential employers.

If you'd like to discuss more or find out about our cost effective client microsite technology to build your own, please don't hesitate to drop us a line