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Review by Andrew Maeer

Andrew Maeer

Amsource Technology

Review by Adam Cave

Adam Cave

Murray McIntosh

Review by Antony Redmond

Antony Redmond

Director, Reqiva

Review by Graham Hale

Graham Hale

Managing Director at Boston Hale

Review by Laura Hickman

Laura Hickman

Marketing Executive, Distinct Recruitment

Review by John Lennon

John Lennon

Managing Director, Thryve.

Review by Sean McKenna

Sean McKenna

Managing Director, Talent Crew

Review by Will Kellett

Will Kellett

Managing Director, Evolve AI

Review by Dominic Coyne

Dominic Coyne

Director, Build Space

Review by Darren Simmons

Darren Simmons

Managing Director, Executives In Sport Group

Review by Toby Woolf

Toby Woolf

Managing Director, Luton Bennett

Review by Ed Williams

Ed Williams

CEO, Field Talent

Review by Alex Bennison

Alex Bennison

Director, The Scoop

Review by Ross Bessell

Ross Bessell

Director, Boss Professional Services Group

Review by Tom Steeper

Tom Steeper

Managing Director, Swish Recruitment

Review by Evie Beentjes

Evie Beentjes

Marketing & Communications Manager, Mattinson Partnership

Review by Sheredan Ford

Sheredan Ford

Director, McKinlay Law

Review by Mark Palmer

Mark Palmer

Chief Executive Officer at maptalent

Review by Audrey Okulick

Audrey Okulick

Founder, The Workshop LA

Review by Rob Blackburn

Rob Blackburn

Director, Impala Search

Review by Deb Pettingill

Deb Pettingill

Managing Director, Proftech Talent

Review by Kevin Fasting

Kevin Fasting

Group CEO, Kevin Edward Group

Review by Joanna Stroud

Joanna Stroud

Managing Director, Stroud Resourcing

Review by Tony Restell

Tony Restell

Managing Director, Social Hire

Review by Chris Peace

Chris Peace

Managing Director, Peace Recruitment Group

Review by James Fowler

James Fowler

Director, J2 Recruitment

Review by Andy Ryan

Andy Ryan

Managing Director, Contact Point Resourcing

Review by Alex Hitchens

Alex Hitchens

Director, Opus ABC

Review by Bret Cullinan

Bret Cullinan

Senior Director, Sweetgreen

Review by Michael Blackburn

Michael Blackburn

Managing Director, Impact Search

Review by Eric Wilkinson

Eric Wilkinson

Managing Director, Inoltra

The Recruiter's Growth Hub.

From recruitment marketing insights to the latest recruitment technology trends, The Recruiter's Growth Hub is a place to stay up to date with the latest trends and guidance.

    Why do temp/contract recruitment businesses use in

    Getting temps and contractors correctly paid, on time, every time is one of the most important elements of running a temp/contract desk and always has been. The challenge is that your candidates will often need to be paid every week or every month, with your customers generally p...

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    NORA Nomination for Mattinson Partnership Website

    Mattinson Partnership has been nominated for the “Best Newcomer” award at the NORA Awards, alongside Google For Jobs. The Best Newcomer award recognises all types online recruitment in every category, and can include job boards, employers, recruitment agencies and m...

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    How an instant chat function can benefit your recr

    How an instant chat function can benefit your recruitment agency Providing excellent customer service is essential for any recruitment agency, so being there to answer questions instantly can boost the connection you make with candidates and hiring managers alike. The phone is o...

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    How can I encourage users to go beyond the homepag

    How can I encourage users to go beyond the homepage of my recruitment website? It is becoming increasingly common for job seekers to discover and apply for jobs through recruitment websites. Moreover, some roles are only exclusively advertised through recruitment agency sites. A...

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    Can social media be damaging to my recruitment bus

    Can social media be damaging to my recruitment business? There is no denying that social media for a recruitment business can be very powerful. On the other hand, it can be difficult to control. And can sometimes attract negative attention. Which can occur at sometimes a spirall...

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    Recruitment Branding Without Breaking The Bank

    Recruitment Branding Without Breaking The Bank Effective branding for your recruitment brand can take a lot of the strain when it comes to finding clients and candidates. If you are recognisable as an expert in your field then you will find that people come to you, rather than...

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    Making The Most Of Email Marketing For Recruitment

    Email marketing has developed a bad name over recent years with spam filling up many of our inboxes. We sign up in good faith when something sparks our interest but this can quickly change to another email about GDPR or PPI! Nobody wants that. With this in mind, many people have ...

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    Why The Focus On UX IS Vital For Recruitment Agenc

    Don’t be fooled by the term UX as a buzzword that will disappear over the next few moths or years. Although terms tend to come and go, UX or User Experience is here to stay. In basic terms, it refers to how easy it is for people to use the interfaces on your  recruitment w...

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    Is your recruitment agency experiencing success th

    Introduction Many recruitment agencies believe that the best way to market their current vacancies is to spend money posting them on job boards. Although this can contribute to some success, it can be expensive. There are other potentially more effective ways to advertise job ...

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    Recruiters, are you offering employer branding &am

    Recruiters, are you offering employer branding & digital services to your clients yet? With the rising demand for skilled talent, hiring companies are looking for an all-round talent advisory & recruitment solution. A full-service consultancy that doesn’t just prov...

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    Google launches its new Search Engine: Google for

    Google launches its new Search Engine: Google for Jobs In 2017, Google rolled out it’s new job search engine in the US: Google for Jobs. The service aims to make it easier for jobseekers to find their ideal role using AI to closely match job searching criteria. Google ...

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    Tools of Titans – Tim Ferriss – Book Review!

    Summary Tim has developed quite a following for his podcast and takes the best bits from that into this book. It marries interview material with his own thoughts and looks at how to get the most out of the shortest time available – think his previous book The 4 Hour Work Wee...

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    Thinking, Fast and Slow - Daniel Kahneman – Book

    Summary It shows the subconscious brain behind what we consider to be ourselves. We have two systems – one that is emotional, moves quickly and is intuitive. The second is mired in logic and deliberation. This book shows how the systems work and how this can affect our lives...

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    Chimp Paradox –  Steve Peters – Book Review!

    Summary Want to work like a senior manager or succeed like an elite athlete? Well, focus and confidence go a long way to achieving this. Steve Peters is a psychiatrist that has successfully helped stellar performers with a mind-management programme the gives you control back. ...

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    Recruitment Gamification. A fad? Or, the future?

    Gamification - the future of recruitment? I think not…. But, I do think it will have a vital role to play over the coming years. Particularly engaging Gen Y & Z. Most notably, within the tech industry… Gamification is starting to be used in many different area...

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    Talent attraction in the information age, are you

    Recruiters/hiring managers... How many times have you briefed an excited candidate on a well-matched role.... only to be later advised that they aren't interested, after some basic online research on the firm?  Employer branding is becoming more and more important in candi...

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    Inspiring action. Start with 'Why?

    I’ve been getting stuck into some great Ted Talks online recently... One of which really gripped me recently: Simon Sinek talking about how great leaders inspire action… Simon believes that great leaders can inspire those who come into contact with them by creating...

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    Millennials. Lazy, narcissistic, entitled?

    A glimpse at a current book project I've been working on, looking into the Millennial Generation and, more importantly, how to attract, engage and retain them... An initial draft from an opening chapter...  "By the year 2020 it’s predicted that half of the workfo...

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    Talent Magnets!

    Increasing your talent pool! One way to increase the pool of talent you can reach out to when looking to hire, is to build up an email list of potential recruits; a group of talent who have already shown an interest in working for your company. Imagine that you have access to a ...

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    Utilising Boolean Search to source talent

    Boolean Search has been around for over 150 years. It was invented by George Boole as a form of logic to define data and how it is used. It uses basic pairs of terms such as on/off and true/false to define what the data does and allows the user to interrogate the information to g...

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    Employer Brand Vs Customer Brand

    The values that a customer holds will often be very different to the values that a potential employee holds. The journey and experience is different. You will have a plan to take your new recruits through a period of embedding, training and development that you just can’t r...

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    The Talent Magnet: Available on Amazon

    As some of you will know I've been working on a book project over the last year called 'The Talent Magnet'. The book has a focus on employer branding and recruitment marketing strategies to attract Millennial talent. It's now available on Amazon in print and Kindle he...

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    The blurred lines between sales & marketing

    There was always a line drawn between the sales and marketing teams. They have been separate functions in the same companies for a very long time and they both went away and carried out their own tasks without much connection to the other. Each did their own thing and if we are q...

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    6 Ted Talks to Watch Before a Job Interview or Imp

    Job interview on the horizon? Important meeting? Want to boost your confidence?   Here's a summary of 6 Ted Talks to watch to get your head in the right place.   Daniel Levitin: How to stay calm when you know you'll be stressed You need to stay calm in a situation...

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    How to Structure Your Interviews to Maximise Your

    One of the biggest pain points when recruiting is the time and effort it takes hiring managers to hire top talent. Follow the below steps to weed out weaker candidates and maximise your time with top performers.   Sell The interview is a two way process. You must always b...

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    Talent Attraction via Remarketing

    We’ve all experienced remarketing: you visit a website and, as if by magic, there are adverts on there for something else you’ve looked at recently – maybe that book on Amazon or the tickets to the match that you were researching.  Remarketing is a common ...

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    Using PPC & Google AdWords to Attract Talent

    There may be times when you want to ramp up your recruitment efforts. It is a great thing to be able to build an employer brand over time, with your content marketing and pool of applicants working away in the background to fulfil future vacancies. But sometimes you may want a qu...

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    Engaging Your Talent via Content Marketing

    Engaging with your talent market through content marketing is a tool that forward-thinking businesses should embrace. It’s a proven success. You can connect with potential new employees and build a relationship that you can nurture over the longer term.  When you...

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    Engaging Your Talent via Email Marketing

    Email marketing is big business. When done correctly, such as in the way Amazon uses it, it can generate huge sales to genuine prospects. If you are serious about hiring top talent your talent pool needs the same attention as your customers.  Customers prefer to receive com...

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    Features to Include in Your Mobile Recruitment App

    Technology continues apace in all areas of life, and recruitment is no different. To be able to attract the top talent you need to produce new and innovative ways of engaging your audience and retaining their interest. The latest developments have married the functionality of th...

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    Recruitment / Careers Websites That Convert &

    We have established over and over again in previous articles that recruiting top talent is a sales and marketing effort. Therefore, the product you are selling (your careers) needs a shop window just like anything else that you would sell. Not having a dedicated website to sell y...

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    Employer Branding - The Benefits

    An employer brand is intangible. An employer brand identity however, is a tangible asset that adds value to your business and promotes what you stand for across all media platforms. A strong customer brand identity commands a higher value premium price. A strong employer brand id...

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    How to Attract Gen Y to Your Sales Roles

    Sales jobs have had a bad rep with Millennials due to the way that sales were always conducted in the past. Deals being done on the 19th hole of the golf club or backhand deals being struck are images that have been hard to shake off when it comes to finding the right millen...

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    Features to Include on Your Social Intranet

    The social intranet that your company employs can mean a great deal to your recruitment and retention of the top talent that your company needs to thrive in the business world. The company intranet is changing and the best social intranets can make a real difference to what you d...

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    Can an On-Boarding App Increase Engagement?

    Onboarding is becoming more and more important in recruitment. An effective onboarding process will ensure that your new team members are up to speed with their job role as soon as possible and you greatly reduce the chances of your new starters leaving within the first few month...

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    Emerging Recruitment Platforms

    There are some great ways to get your message when recruiting. The landscape is changing and the traditional methods or newspaper adverts and job fairs now seem so out of touch. There are new platforms emerging all the time that can really help you to enhance your employer brand ...

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